If you appreciate high fidelity sound and are looking into getting into audiophile equipment, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, headphones are a good place to start. A good pair of audiophile headphones can be as cheap as $50 and as much as $1000+. This website will help you find which headphones and accessories will be best suited for you.

Things to consider when looking for headphones:

  • Budget
  • Audio Source – Where will you be plugging your headphones into? Your phone, computer, record player?
  • Level of Isolation – Headphones have different levels of isolation. A lot, some, or none. Will you be using your headphones at work, public transport, just at home, etc…? No isolation may be best suited for the home listener, whereas Isolated headphones won’t bother others around you from sound leak, and will keep outside noise out like during a bus ride or cabin noise during a plane ride.
  • Type of Headphones – Full sized, or on ear? This website will focus primarily on full sized and on ear headphones.
  • Tone Preference – Starting out, you may not know exactly what you like, but overtime you will develop an appreciation for different tonal types that are characteristic of different headphones. Do you want something bass heavy, a clean midrange, tight highs, or an overall balanced EQ.
  • Music Preference – Different types of headphones are better for different types of music. Something to think about.
  • Need a DAC/Amp? – To get the most out of your headphones, will you be needing a DAC and/or amp? If you will be commuting a lot with your headphones, you may want a headphone that doesn’t need an external amp. Learn more about DACs and amps in Terminology.